Todays efforts

Todays training began with a 5.30am wake up call because my husband forgot to reset the alarm after last weeks early flight… I wasn’t very happy!

Later, at a more civilised time it was porridge for breakfast followed by 3 hours of gardening which I always find helpfull if you don’t make it to the gym. You’re working arms, legs, back and core 🙂

Lunchtime, some reading then kids from school before I head to the local climbing wall for a pre-arranged session with a good friend of mine later this evening. We make a point to climb together once a week, which for the past year has worked well for our climbing, mental attitude and approach to the sport. It’s not all about being the strongest or having the best technique, I have learned the hard way after coming back from injury that you can’t always be climbing at your best every day.

So with this in mind I will finish cooking tonights dinner for the family and enjoy my session before Will heads to Ceause for his summer trip.



Time for a cup of Earl Grey


I have just had a couple of really busy days which I didn’t anticipate. After finishing all my college assignments and thus my HND last week I thought there might be a lull between that and the kids beginning their summer holidays. Thinking this would give me a chance to start planning and training in ernest with very little pressure.

So I placed my add on UKC and have received some responses via email which I am now working through. As this is not an expedition for the light hearted I need to know that the team I put together are going to be fully committed and willing to work hard to achieve the end goal – new exciting routes for other climbers to repeat. This does not mean they will be all serious and constantly beasting their way to doom and gloom. Hell no I couldn’t cope with that every day, I would go nuts myself let alone others in the team.


5 other climbers as crazy as I am in their own way.

Banter delivered by said climbers.

Laughs and good times.

Tea in copious amounts.

Porridge for when we can’t catch any fish.


Right now it’s all about adding to my reading list, talking to people who know more than me and listening (a lot). It’s a steep learning curve, sometimes I wonder what have let myself in for then other times I know deep down that I have to do this. It doesn’t always have to be the most famous climbers who do the most amazing climbs.

Half way through my cup of tea! Today I started out with some reasearch followed by a couple of hours of gardening, groceries, then collecting the monsters from school + one friend. Now all dispersed doing their thing minecraft (grrrrr) and playing outside :).

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new shoes ready for my first mult-pitch on Friday. Scarpa Force X which I will get a photo of and write a review before the weekend is out. They have extra padding for all day comfort – looking forward to that.

For now that’s me I have things to do and kids to feed.

Climb hard and have fun!


Current Plans

Expedition Climbing Team

I am currently planning a climbing expedition trip to East Greenland during the summer of 2014.

The expedition will consist of six climbers pushin their limits of physical ability and mental strength for an extended period of six weeks.

The plan is to depart the UK around the 4th July 2014, and stay overnight in Iceland before flying to Kulusuk. We will spend 2 days prepping in Kulusuk before heading up the Fjord to a drop off point for the 4-6 hour walk-in to Fox Jaw Cirque.

The plan of attack for the climbing party is to make repeat ascents of two routes (approx), and then get straight on to looking at new routes to be explored. With the vast amount of rock face that makes up the Fox Jaw, the objective is to make several First Ascents going fast and light.

The planned returned date for the trip is 17th August 2014, with two days recovery in Iceland before heading back to the UK around the 18th August. This allows for just under 6 weeks of climb time.

Three spaces have been filled one experienced and one not, if you are an experienced big wall climber / alpinist interested in this trip then please feel free to get in touch.

In the beginning…

Today is the first day since I began planning this expedition where I have been able to focus on it and not allowed college assignments to interupt my thoughts and take up my time. What a good feeling it is.

So far I have a notebook where I jot down ideas, tips from other explorers/climbers about kit, food, maps and everything else that you can think of. My kit list seems to be changing every day as I research more about what I need and what I don’t. There really is so much kit around now days that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the tech talk and information available.

What I’ve learnt this week: there will be black fly in East Greenland and yes I will need a midge net. Damn it!