Current Plans

Expedition Climbing Team

I am currently planning a climbing expedition trip to East Greenland during the summer of 2014.

The expedition will consist of six climbers pushin their limits of physical ability and mental strength for an extended period of six weeks.

The plan is to depart the UK around the 4th July 2014, and stay overnight in Iceland before flying to Kulusuk. We will spend 2 days prepping in Kulusuk before heading up the Fjord to a drop off point for the 4-6 hour walk-in to Fox Jaw Cirque.

The plan of attack for the climbing party is to make repeat ascents of two routes (approx), and then get straight on to looking at new routes to be explored. With the vast amount of rock face that makes up the Fox Jaw, the objective is to make several First Ascents going fast and light.

The planned returned date for the trip is 17th August 2014, with two days recovery in Iceland before heading back to the UK around the 18th August. This allows for just under 6 weeks of climb time.

Three spaces have been filled one experienced and one not, if you are an experienced big wall climber / alpinist interested in this trip then please feel free to get in touch.


One thought on “Current Plans

  1. Hi Cathy,
    I’m quite interested in this but it’s too early for me to commit to 6 weeks in 2014 as I’m trying to sort out my current work/life balance at the moment.
    It would be cool if you could email me more details on
    Cheers, Poul

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