Thoughts and Frustrations…

So the past couple of weeks have certainly thrown up some challenges for me. In the big scheme of things they’re just little things really and I know friends and family who are right now going through some pretty tough times. I think by no means one persons challenges are harder or less important than the next, it is all relative and soon enough situations change, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

I have spent many hours working on various projects recently and it has pushed me to my limits mentally. I am grateful to have the support and help of such good friends and the respect of my lecturers who pass on useful advice and give a lecture on something appropriate just when I need it to motivate me and give me fresh ideas. I have called on favours this week in order to make things happen which I’m sure will be paid back in pints soon enough.

Of course the question has been asked why are small things which seem to others so insignificant so important to me. Well I am not doing this expedition just to satisfy my own selfish wanting in life. I hope that in my own personal process of planning and going on this expedition that I can inspire at least one person to get out there and push it to limits. They may not think they have the confidence to go out and do it right now but one day I hope that person will look inside and decide – “this is my moment and I’m going to get out there and soak it up”. To inspire people they need to know my story; an average indoor climber planning and leading an expedition to climb big walls in East Greenland. It can be done!


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