Team Gathering

Finally all meeting up face to face for a climb inside because the weather is so rubish then heading for lunch for a chat about details of the expedition. Who knows maybe even a chance for our first team photo…
Super #psyched for Saturday and maybe I’ll head to Fort William after that for some inspiration. I was hoping to head out onto the hills for a winter day out on Sunday but the weather is looking pretty pants. Good thing the festival is on this weekend and I need to get back into they gym for another killer session too.

Bring on the weekend whatever it holds for you!



top of little chamonix

We all use it and it does say alot about how ‘moutain folk’ feel most of the time. We get excited about stuff and we just can’t express sometimes in words or the feeling is so overwhelming and this is how it comes out. We are no more, no less, simply #psyched. Need we say an more?

So if you look up the definition it says this:

past tense: psyched; past participle: psyched
  1. 1.
    mentally prepare (someone) for a testing task or occasion.
    “we had to psych ourselves up for the race”
    synonyms: nerve oneself, steel oneself, summon/gather/screw up one’s courage, prepare, prepare oneself, gear oneself up, arm oneself, brace oneself, get ready, urge oneself on, gird (up) one’s loins, get in the mood, get in the right frame of mind More

    “we had to psych ourselves up for the race”
    • excited and full of anticipation.
      “we’ve told him you were coming—he’s really psyched”
  2. 2.
    analyse (something) in psychological terms.
    “mother had it all psyched out in three minutes”
    My English is not the best but this by definition if we are psyched then we’ve already done it, it’s in the past… hang on just a minute! Climbers are always saying they’re psyched to do get on there project. Maybe we just need to get our #psych on and go and send it!