So the team meeting I posted about the last time didn’t exactly go to plan and due to various personal circumstances the team has now changed around a bit and been added too. Sometimes a change of circumstances helps to clarify and move things forward for the better. We now have two new climbers Matt Rust and Pat Ingram both bringing to the team extensive trad mileage and climbing experience. We will also confirm another team member/s before Easter so things are certainly looking up with the departure date drawing ever closer. With all these changes the team is looking stronger than ever and with Craig’s exciting exploration and scientific research toys coming on the trip it will be an exciting time in the Trillingerne this summer

This has not all been easy sailing, waves have hit and subsided like a tide ebbing and flowing but expeditions should never be easy, smooth sailing breeds complacency. Best not to forget to place the food order, don’t want tetchy boys in base camp…

Every day seems to bring another supporter of the expedition either through social media or by chatting to more people about the expedition. Yep, for a while I did find it hard to put myself out there not having lead an expedition before, it was all new territory to me. With the help and support of good friends it has become easier and feeling confident about the strong team and our departure in early July. Will need to get the camera out again and get some of you to be part of the journey too, look out there might be a lens about but that’s no reason to be shy.

The training has stepped up a notch with knot practice in the evenings when the weather is not so kind and strength and stamina are on the up too, it has been a slower process than anticipated. Shortly moving into the final 12 weeks of the training plan it is all getting scary and exciting at the same time.

To balance out the physical training I am in the process of hatching a plan to involve some local school children which from the beginning has been important to me – inspiring others through my own aspirations and ambition. Lets see if I have the same affect on a few adults too… Challenge yourself everyday and don’t become idle waiting for life to come and take you by the hand.