Team time…

So over the past couple of months people have come and gone and it’s all been just a little bit stressful to say the least. It has been said that my approach is somewhat unorthodox in finding team members; I would say there is nothing orthodox about this expedition!

When people mention this particular aspect my thoughts often stray…  Shakleton advertised in the paper when looking for an expedition team with no guarantee of success or even coming back alive. This was in a time when the uncertainties far outweighed anything else, it would appear that now with knowledge being far more accessible these uncertainties are reduced but the challenge is still substantial. We are going to Fox Jaw to establish new routes on big walls, this is not something to be approached with complacency.  We have researched and planned meticulously and able to chat face to face with team members who are abroad or living in a different city.  Mallory faced challenges which are, in our time almost incomprehensible; yet he continued on his quest with criticism from peers and support from others; this I can relate to.

So our team did meet up the weekend after Easter minus Pat Ingram who was off-shore working, with Sion now back at his job abroad we are once again all dispersed to our little corners of the world.  Robert and I see each other regularly, always with more questions for each other and even more things to talk about. I will say this about the team, though we have not all met each other at the same time in the same place there is a common drive among us all and the emails flying around daily is a constant reminder of why we have all been brought together.  To feed our hungry climbing appetites… seriously all these guys talk about is food!

Joking aside a team that communicates so well and is inclusive is an amazing feeling to be part of and we are all so psyched right now with only 8 weeks till depature… yikes! Anyway with poor weather we climbed at EICA for the day and had a great time climbing and getting to know each as a team. Simon not letting me take was the extra push I needed that afternoon, I sent the route 🙂 along with self pep talk overheard by Sion (admit it I’m not the only climber to talk to myself on a route).

It’s the little things that bond a team to create a lifetime of friendships through memories and experiences which are shared. Achievements no matter how big or small are crucial; when it comes down to the 17th pitch and still 3 more to go and then getting back down safely when you are exhausted; it’s your team mates, your friends who are there by your side…

The journey, the experience, the memories…



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