Overdue Routes Session

Always a good way to spend a Friday night… climbing!  Overdue a session after last climbing exactly one week ago.  Was another positive session, not a huge amount in terms of volume but felt good. Didn’t get scared and took 3 falls on routes rather than shouting for my usual take.  This has me feeling like there is some progress. Further up the orange 6b on the justice wall too 🙂  Loving Jess’s black 6b on the comp wall too, now all I need to do is send it.

Looking forward I need to start trying harder stuff with smaller holds too just to add some finger strength work to the mix. Calum’s green 6c will help this too, and even better when the other auto belays make the return to the arena so I can get back on the harder routes here too.  Fingers aren’t feeling strong enough for the V5’s on the boulders yet. Feels like so long ago that I was making attempts on these but in reality it was only 6 months ago.  Time to shed the kg’s and crank harder.


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