7 Days

Seven days ago at 2.3opm I was full of nerves being guided through, what seemed like a maze of corridors and swinging doors towards the operating theatre.

Rewind to 3rd August… as we walked around 8 Day Rain crags in Rocklands, South Africa I stepped off a small ledge of rocks (about 40cm high) my left kneed twisted. I stumbled a little and paused for a moment before catching up with the others. When we arrived at Trackside the realisation set in that I wasn’t going to climb that afternoon. My knee began to swell and become incredibly painful. Photo duty it was then.

Now after weeks of constant pain, appointments, MRI and unable to climb or train properly it was time for surgery.  The MRI showed “torn medial cartilage with an unstable flap of medial meniscus incarcerated between the medial tibia and medial collateral ligament”, add to that a bruised tibia. I wasn’t bouldering at the time which makes it even worse in a way I guess.

My reasons for going ahead with the surgery, other than to relieve the pain are simple. I do not wish to live a life that is less than the one I am capable of living!

I have had time for reflection over this past week and I often remember this quote from Nelson Mandela. It reminds me that if we have the opportunity to change a situation that we are not comfortable about or happy with, then go ahead, make that change. Since the surgery I have experienced plenty of discomfort due to the swelling but the pain has lessened significantly. I know that I have made the right decision, despite the weeks of rehab and frustration which lies ahead I am optimistic.

I have made other changes in my life recently which have freed up some valuable time. I feel that now, when I am home, the time is spent with family rather than being distracted by other tasks. I also have more time to engage with my passion for climbing, mountains and spending time outside which drives me to heal and be strong again soon.

Follow your passion!


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