Getting Fit!

Dear Blog,

It has been a while and I know you must be feeling neglecting – Man Up!

With Christmas and New Year finally out of the way it is time to crack on with some serious fitness and climbing training with the exped now only 7 months away – yikes…

So this week has seen two tyre hauling sessions with training partner Craig Mathieson and some others for motivation too (Craig and Pete) and there’ll more sessions to come before the week is out.

Yes more than one person has said ‘why do this when I have not intention of hauling a sledge’. It’s all fitness and stamina training and when I get back out on the hills for hill fitness it will all pay off. The first session was an hour just getting used to it and was feeling unfit but surprisingly wasn’t sore the next day. So I told Craig he was going to have to up the anti for the next session out. And that he did, much harder path for 2 hours this time of up, down, round, over and through. Felt so good to be training hard and feeling it today which is even better, I know I worked for it but this is only the beginning. Was also good to have Michele out with us taking some pictures along the way.

This weekend it will be time time to get back out to do some climbing too which is exciting of course, the indoor gym is fine but it’s not rock. Don’t get me wrong I love working on hard routes and having little milestone projects to work on but it’s the rock I want ;). ‘Plastic fantastic’ is good for working the whole body and I get to hang out with my shite mates and climb. The gym is good too for working on the core and aerobic stuff. It is all training and planned well will get me fit and ready to tackle the big walls of Greenland. #psyched

So as I settle into my routine of training hard with Craig and ensuring I have the right balance over the next few months to be ready for July I will also endeavour to enjoy every moment be it good or challenging. It’s not worth doing if it’s too easy where’s the fun in that…

Cathy dragging half the park around in the process. Don't worry it all went back into place.
Cathy dragging half the park around in the process. Don’t worry it all went back into place.



Todays efforts

Todays training began with a 5.30am wake up call because my husband forgot to reset the alarm after last weeks early flight… I wasn’t very happy!

Later, at a more civilised time it was porridge for breakfast followed by 3 hours of gardening which I always find helpfull if you don’t make it to the gym. You’re working arms, legs, back and core 🙂

Lunchtime, some reading then kids from school before I head to the local climbing wall for a pre-arranged session with a good friend of mine later this evening. We make a point to climb together once a week, which for the past year has worked well for our climbing, mental attitude and approach to the sport. It’s not all about being the strongest or having the best technique, I have learned the hard way after coming back from injury that you can’t always be climbing at your best every day.

So with this in mind I will finish cooking tonights dinner for the family and enjoy my session before Will heads to Ceause for his summer trip.